At Home Worship

Due to the Coronavirus and governmental mandates, Spirit of Joy is not worshiping in person this week (or for the foreseeable future). Nevertheless, we are joyfully worshiping online!

March 29: Click here to watch full service!

(One video. Better sound quality than last week.)

Click here to watch just the March 29 sermon.

To participate in Spirit of Joy’s worship online, first, prepare yourself (or your family) to worship …

  • Set a time for your worship.
  • Gather at the table.
  • Bring a Bible.
  • Light a candle.
  • Minimize distractions.
  • Pray before turning on worship videos.
  • And set a table with bread/wine/grape juice, etc., as we gather in the confidence that our omnipresent God will unite us across time and distance (which is part of the promise of communion already!)

A note on Holy Communion …

Set your table in advance with bread and wine or grape juice. (If you don’t have one element or another, don’t worry. God is fully present through whichever elements you have.)

As we communion, trust that our omnipresent God is present with you in your home, uniting you to your Spirit of Joy family and to the church throughout time and place.

If you’re at the table with others, communion one another with the words, “The body of Christ given for you” and “The blood of Christ shed for you.” If you’re by yourself, joyfully commune, trusting that you are part of something much bigger than just you. (Use these words: “The body of Christ is given,” “The blood of Christ is shed.”)

A note on Giving

Stewardship is part of worship. Click here to give electronically.

Compline Service: Watch at Home!

To watch our nightly Compline Services online, click onto our Facebook and Instagram pages – @spiritofjoylcmc. (And you don’t have to have Facebook or Instagram to watch. Just click above!)