God Answers?


I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. – Psalm 34:4

I sought the Lord and he answered me. I love that line. But do you always feel like God answers you?

First, God is not a genie. Like rubbing a lamp, you can’t kneel in a certain way or pray with a certain fervor or name it and claim it and expect God to answer in exactly the way you want.

God is a Father. And while an infinitely superior Father to me, I nevertheless have some insight into being a father and hearing requests from my children. Sometimes I answered, yes. Sometimes I answered, no. A “no” or a “maybe” or a “wait,” qualifies as much as an “he answered me,” as a “yes,” doesn’t it?

I like Pastor Conda’s explanation of this. He likes to quote his wife. Ann says, “Sometimes God says “yes”; sometimes God says “no”; sometimes God say, “I have something better in mind.”  Think about it: Like children, don’t we often want what we want when we want it? What if God has something better in mind? He sometimes has to say no to the good to say yes to the best.

Notice one other thing about this verse: We live in a materialistic culture. The church is filled with too much of the prosperity Gospel – pray and ask correctly and God will give you materialistic blessings. God definitely does care about our physical wellbeing, but generally his answers address us in heart and soul. This passage says that “the Lord … delivered me.” How? From a heart issue. He calmed “all my fears.”

And when we speak of issues of the heart, that’s a way that God so regularly and powerfully answers us. He wants us to find love, joy, and peace, in spite of our circumstances. He wants to give us hope. He works to inspire faith. He may occasionally disquiet our spirit to change a wrong direction or help us grow. But the heart level issues is where to direct your prayers if you want a quicker, surer answer!

In Christ’s Love,

a guy who’s keeps trusting

in the something better!

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