The Greatest Gift to be Received

Christmas Day


Let earth receive her king – Isaac Watts

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, we looked at the key verb in the first line of Joy to the Word. We rejoiced that our Lord “is come.” Christ’s incarnation isn’t just a past tense event; Christmas triumphs now and forever.

Line two of the hymn tempts to urge you and your family (in the midst of the joyful busyness of this day) to be sure you take time to “receive” Christ more fully. (That’s today’s verb.) And that’s important. But … I have a much bigger prayer request than that!

This carol doesn’t sing, “let good church-going families in Weddington remember to receive their King.” No. This song prompts a much bigger prayer.

Our world is broken. Families in our very neighborhoods are lonely, hurting, and helpless. Too many in our sphere are lost. Let us pray that our lost and hurting friends, neighbors, and family members receive their true King.  

(And while we’re at it, let’s also pray for those who are suffering illness or missing loved ones this Christmas season. May the Prince of Peace bring them peace.)

In Christ’s Love,

a guy who is wishing

you and yours

a merry Christmas

and a happy new year

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