The Lord “is” Come

The Final Day of Advent – Christmas Eve!

Advent 4

Joy to the world! The Lord is come. – Isaac Watts

Notice the tense of the verb in the familiar lyrics above.

It’s not past tense. Christmas isn’t just something that happened two thousand years ago. We don’t just celebrate because Jesus once came to earth.

No! We continually sing because the coming of Christ is a present tense verb!

I’m not good enough with grammar to say whether this verb is in “the continual present.” (Some languages have such things.) But … I’m certainly a good enough theologian to assure you that Christ’s reign is definitely in the continual present.

Isaac Watts was clearly a good enough theologian too! He didn’t merely proclaim that our Savior once came (once upon a time). His victorious song continually proclaims that Christ continually comes to us day-by-day, generation-after-generation, and into the eternally present future. He is come. He is continually present. He is eternally reigning. Thanks be to God!

In Christ’s Love,

a guy who is thankful

for so much more

than tinsel, lights,

and presents

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