What’s Full to Overflowing?

Advent 3

Out of his fullness, we have received __________ – John 1:16

One of my favorite old song lyrics is, “I’m drinking from my saucer, because my cup has overflowed.”

That’s a song that speaks of “fullness” – just as today’s scripture verse does. In John 1:16, we’re told that what we receive, “out of [and from] [Christ’s] fullness, is “grace upon grace.” That’s an amazing gift! But I left the phrase about with a blank because I want you to focus today on that word “fullness” – in fact, a fullness to full that it overflows!

The cup in Jimmy Dean’s famous old song has a limited size and can contain a limited amount of liquid. That, of course, is why it overflows. It’s surpassed its fullness. It’s surpassed its capacity.

The fullness of Christ is different. The capacity of God’s goodness is utterly limitless. And yet Christ is so full of grace that His love is overflowing. Heaven could not contain God nor His grace. Therefore, since Christ came down a Christmas, we are drinking from His saucer, we are recipients of his abundant overflow!

In Christ’s Love,

a guy who is lapping

hot chocolate off

the table top

because even

the saucers has


(Grace upon grace!)


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