What We Believe

Spirit of Joy and its pastors are members of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. Our lead pastor is also a member of the North American Lutheran Church.

Who We are as Lutherans … Word and Grace

The simplest way to understand Lutherans is to hear the story of Martin Luther. Luther grew up five hundred years ago at a time when people were taught to be afraid of God. A frightened Luther spent hours each day in the confessional booth, worried that if he forgot to confess one little sin, God would cast him into hell. Then Luther finally got a chance to really read and study the Bible — not an easy feat in the days before the printing press. When Luther finally read God’s Word, he discovered God’s amazing grace. Word and Grace: That’s our understanding of what it means to be a Lutheran!

Who We are as Christians … Believers

Every heritage has gifts. Thus, we’re glad to be liturgical and Lutheran. But more important, we’re blessed to be Christian!

  • We believe that God created, that he is active, and that he communicates to us through his Word.
  • We believe that Jesus came in love, won our forgiveness through his crucifixion, and rose victoriously to give us hope.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit and find great joy through his power!
  • We also believe that each denomination is “a piece of the Christian pie.” At our best, we point to our center — Jesus Christ. At our worst, we stand at the edge of our pie pieces and are suspicious of the next group over.

Come and join us each week as we strive to point to Jesus, our center, our savior, our friend.

One Best Day

A few years ago, we finished construction of our Family Life Center. As we did, a hundred adults and children — with coats and candles (because the power wasn’t connected yet) — gathered to write scriptures on the concrete floor. That’s who we are at Spirit of Joy. For every 10 people who come through the door for worship, the door opens about 15-20 times for those who come for Sunday School and Bible Studies and other faith building opportunities. We stand on God’s Word!

Spirit of Joy also reaches out boldly in mission, giving away about a quarter of all that comes in. We send missionaries. We help at local soup kitchens. We also open our doors to hundreds of people throughout the week — besides our members. They come to Spirit of Joy for resurrection (through groups like AA and NA that heal addictions). They come for learning (we practically have a school as hundreds of school-age students come each week for classes on math, English, history, and faith). We host girl scouts, board of elections, and so much more. That too is standing on God’s Word. We strive to live our Lord’s invitation to care for the least and the lost.